Bust "One"
From the illustrious foundry company, 'Guss H. Gladenbeck and son' in Germany hails the exceptional ..
Bust of "Thor"
This exquisite Bronze bust, a creation of the celebrated foundry company 'Guss H. Gladenbeck and son..
Bust of Bacchus (God of Fun)
Immerse yourself in an intoxicating world of classical artistry and Greek culture with the latest ad..
Bust of Hippocrates
Experience the sheer beauty and details of the Ancient World with this exquisite bronze bust depicti..
Nika with a wreath (large, color.)"
Behold the mesmerizing figure of 'Fame and Success', a monumental cabinet sculpture crafted by the f..
Sculpture "Archangel Michael"
Feast your eyes on this masterpiece of a large sculpture by renowned French artist, Eduard Drouot. P..
Sculpture "Diana on a boar"
Immerse yourself in the realm of exquisite artistry with the fine sculpture of Albert-Ernest Carrier..
Sculpture "George the Victorious (quality)"
An exquisite portrayal of strength and tranquility, a meticulous work of art executed with paramount..
Sculpture "Glory to the vanquished"
A.J. Clesinger (1814-1883), a venerable French sculptor, carved an irreplaceable niche for himself i..
Sculpture "Icarus"
Immerse yourself in the enchanting mastery of A.A. Weinman, a widely acclaimed sculptor of American ..
Sculpture "Jason with the Golden Fleece (large)"
Step into the world of classical art with this exceptional piece, 'Jason with the Golden Fleece'. Th..
Sculpture "Mars with a spear"
Celebrate history, art, and masculinity with this exquisite artwork, a meticulous rendition of the G..
Sculpture "Sculpture of George the Victorious"
Gift the symbol of courage, valor, and honor with our laudable St. George the Victorious sculpture. ..
Statuette "Aesculapius (Asclepius) - god of medicine"
Our artistic, meticulously crafted, bronze Aesculapius sculpture stands at an impressive 33cm in hei..
Statuette "Apollo Belvedere (Bust)"
Step back in time and enrich your home decor with the exquisite representation of the ancient Greek ..
Statuette "Apollo Belvedere (color.)"
The Belvedere Apollo statue instantly brings to mind scenes of ancient Greek history and mythology. ..
Statuette "Apollo with a bow (large)"
Nick, a prominent artist, invites you to behold and marvel at his astounding attention to detail thr..
Statuette "Athena (goddess of war and wisdom)"
Step into the remarkable world of Greek mythology with this awe-inspiring Athena statue, carefully c..
Statuette "Athena on horseback with a spear"
Unearth the brilliance of the 20th century with the unveiling of a unique masterpiece - a sculpture ..
Statuette "Centaur Ness and Deyanira"
Step into mythical antiquity and appreciate the remarkable mastery of renowned sculptor C.B. Albert ..
Statuette "Cleopatra (Art. EPA-380)"
Discover the enchanting essence of historical elegance with this meticulously crafted color sculptur..
Statuette "Demeter - goddess of fertility (color.)"
Immerse yourself in the elegance of Greek mythology with this beautifully hand-painted sculpture of ..
Statuette "Demeter - goddess of fertility (gold)"
Revel in the breathtaking magnificence of our 'Golden Rye' Demeter Statuette, a timeless creation fr..
Statuette "Demeter - goddess of fertility"
Presenting a revered masterpiece from the esteemed French sculptor, Louis Ernest Barrias. Crafted wi..
Statuette "Diana of Burgundy (large)"
Discover a treasured representation of French sculptural mastery, the 'Diana of Burgundy' statue, me..
Statuette "Diana-the goddess of hunting (in a bikini)"
Experience the majestic allure of the exceptionally crafted sculpture by acclaimed author Milo. Stan..
Statuette "Fortune (20cm)"
Crafted with exquisite detail by the acclaimed French sculptor Jean Patot, a maestro of fine plastic..
Statuette "Fortune (20cm, color)"
Immerse yourself in the world of high art with the masterfully crafted Fortune statuette by renowned..
Statuette "Fortune (20cm, gold)"
Welcome to the world of exquisite, small sculptures, where artistry is beyond compare. We proudly pr..
Statuette "Fortune (33cm)"
Delve into the divine world of ancient myth and exquisite artistry with our featured product: a capt..
Statuette "Fortune (nude)"
Introducing the stunning work of Emmanuel Tuno, a revered French sculptor of the 19th century, highl..
Statuette "Goddess of Abundance"
Unveil the artistic grandeur of your lavish home or office with this exquisite 'Goddess of Abundance..
Statuette "Goddess of Art"
Welcome to the world of refined artistry embodied in the form of stunning sculpture - the “Goddess o..
Statuette "Goddess of wine and fun"
Step into an enchanting world of Ancient Greek culture with the table-size sculpture titled 'Goddess..
Statuette "Hephaestus - god of construction (color)"
Imbued with the rich mythological heritage of Ancient Greece, we present to you our Hephaestus sculp..
Statuette "Hephaestus - the god of construction"
Dive into the realm of divine artistry with our meticulously crafted Hephaestus sculpture. Embark on..
Statuette "Jesus Christ (in gold)"
This opulent 34cm tabletop sculpture is a remarkable representation of Jesus Christ. Wrought from go..
Statuette "Mercury (Hermes) (large)"
Proudly elevate the aesthetic of your home or office with our Large Statuette of Mercury, also known..
Statuette "Mercury (Hermes)"
Experience an exquisite sense of connection with history and artistry through our Hermes sculpture, ..
Statuette "Mercury (with frescoes)"
Discover the extraordinary charm of a Hermes Mercury model created by the renowned Italian sculptor,..
Statuette "Mourning for Christ (Pieta)"
Step into the world of timeless beauty and divine craftsmanship with our exquisite copy of Michelang..
Statuette "Nika (classic green, 40cm)"
We proudly showcase the petite version of an all-time favored sculpture, depicting the mesmerizing g..
Statuette "Nika (classic green.. 60cm)"
Embrace dignity, power, and victory with an outstanding sculpture designed by the acclaimed French a..
Statuette "Nika with a wreath (color.)"
Introducing a classic masterpiece by renowned French sculptor Louis Ernest Barrias. The stereoscopic..
Statuette "Nika with a wreath (large)"
This large, exquisite cabinet sculpture by renowned French sculptor E.L. Barrias draws the eye with ..
Statuette "Nika with a wreath (large, gold)"
Behold an extraordinary creation by renowned French sculptor E.L. Barrias; a monumental cabinet scul..
Statuette "Nika with a wreath (small)"
On offer is a detailed, high-quality petite statuette of the Goddess of Victory, Niki, set to enlive..
Statuette "Pegasus (small)"
Introducing our masterfully crafted, small-sized Pegasus figurine, a symbol of both strength and ser..
Statuette "Poseidon (large)"
Embrace the maritime majesty of the Ancient Greeks with this large, carefully crafted sculpture of P..
Statuette "The Abduction of Proserpine (large)"
Marvel at the intricate mastery of Italian Baroque, manifested in this scaled-down replica of Giovan..
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