Bronze Code: 560
Height: 6.7 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 1.3 LBs


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Introducing our masterfully crafted, small-sized Pegasus figurine, a symbol of both strength and serenity wrapped up in one inspiring piece. Each figurine is intimately modeled after the legendary Pegasus, a transcendent horse that not only dominates the sky but often serves as a muse among renowned poets, artists, and philosophers. With its power to fly with the speed of wind, Pegasus has been a wide-spread symbol of freedom and potential in human imagination and creativity.

In ancient legends, Pegasus was no ordinary myth. He served the formidable Zeus, carrying his thunder and lightning to Olympus. Respected and revered, the name 'Pegasus' today finds its prideful place in the titles of various travel agencies, airlines, and other symbolizing ventures.

The small size of our Pegasus figurine is designed with detailed precision, capturing every aspect of its majestic grace. Its lifelike appearance transports you to an ethos of Greek mythology, making it an alluring addition to your collection or a gorgeously thoughtful gift. With the wings spread wide, the Pegasus figurine symbolizes freedom and boundless imagination, making it a perfect piece to inspire awe and wonder in your home or office space. The detail and elegance of the design reflect the meticulous craftsmanship of the author who has devoted countless hours to bringing this mythological creature to life.

The Pegasus figurine encapsulates an iconic symbol that transcends time. Its presence in your collection or workspace is a testament to your admiration for historical legends and a personal promise of pursuing unfettered dreams, just as Pegasus carried thunder and lightning to Zeus on the heights of Olympus. Order your piece today and honor this favorite muse of many in your own unique way.