Bronze Code: 535
Height: 22.4 In
Width: 13 In
Weight: 29.8 LBs


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Embrace the maritime majesty of the Ancient Greeks with this large, carefully crafted sculpture of Poseidon, the ruler of oceans and seas. Standing proudly at an impressive height of 57cm, and weighing a sturdy 13.5 kg, this remarkable art piece is an embodiment of the Greek lord's authoritative and serene demeanor.

Expertly designed by Cesaro, a historic brand hailed from the late 19th century by renowned sculptor Cesago Lapini, the is the purest symbol of artistic finesse and quality. Today, Cesaro is a prestigious school and an array of workshops that continue to uphold Lapini's legacy, creating sculptures that exude a surreal blend of history and beauty. Our association with these workshops allows us to present to you sculptures of unmatched quality, meticulously crafted following exact models.

This statue captures Poseidon in his iconic journey, traversing the seas in his chariot, magnificently harnessed by divine horses. The centerpiece of this sculpture, Poseidon's magic trident - a tool through which he exerted his authority over the tempestuous seas - is depicted with striking precision and detail. Stretching out the trident, Poseidon pacified the tumultuous sea into calmness, a narrative that is beautifully engraved in this masterpiece.

Held in high regard by the ancient Greeks, Poseidon was a deity of immense importance. Their lives and prosperity were intricately tied to the sea, and in reverence to Poseidon, they'd sacrifice offerings into its vast depths. Own this symbol of cultural significance and deep-rooted tradition, crafted meticulously to transport you back to a gripping era of legends and mythology.