Bronze Code: 546
Height: 21.7 In
Width: 9.4 In
Weight: 35.5 LBs


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Marvel at the intricate mastery of Italian Baroque, manifested in this scaled-down replica of Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini's iconic 'The Abduction of Proserpine.' Crafted with unwavering attention to detail, this heavy, 53cm high bronze sculpture is a testament to Bernini's timeless appeal and breathtaking skill in capturing raw, dramatic emotion in his works.

The original marble statue, created by Bernini between 1621-1622, is a cherished piece in Galleria Borghese, Rome. Its astounding beauty and intense expressiveness profoundly embody Bernini's singular knack for theatricality, giving life to the stony faces and forms with unparalleled realism and dynamism.

Depicting a seminal moment from Roman lore, the statue tells the story of Proserpine, the gorgeous daughter of Demeter and Zeus, who gets kidnapped by Hades, the ruler of the underworld. The legend, captured meticulously in this bronze miniature, evokes the narrative's epic sense of drama, lingering sorrow, and undying hope.

As a tribute to Bernini, this high-quality replica seamlessly injects sophistication into any space it graces. With its weight over 16kg, this enduring work of art is a fitting homage to a work known for its undeniable impact on Baroque sculpture.

Invest in this bronze reproduction of Bernini's landmark 'The Abduction of Proserpine' and enjoy the profound impact of Italian Baroque in your living space. It is a remarkable piece of art that induces a sense of awe at Bernini's creativity while prompting introspection about the tale it illustrates.