Bronze Code: 556
Height: 12.2 In
Width: 8.3 In
Weight: 11.5 LBs


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Introducing a stunning work of art representing the eternal theme of love and longing, a sculpture adapted by the brilliant author, Nick from the renowned French artist, Francois Gerard's exquisite masterpiece, 'The First Kiss of Cupid and Psyche' (1798), that resides in the esteemed Louvre Museum, Paris. This artistic rendition is not just a statue, but an embodiment of emotions and mythology, reliving one of the most passionate tales of love from ancient Greek mythology - the myth of 'Cupid and Psyche'.

'Cupid and Psyche', an enchanting storytelling of romantic love, captures the essence of the human soul's quest for love. The story revolves around Psyche, a figure in Greek mythology who symbolizes the 'soul' or 'butterfly'. Psyche, renowned for her profound beauty, stirred the jealousy of the goddess of beauty, Venus, who dispatched her son Cupid to provoke in her a desire for the most revolting man.

However, love works in mysterious ways. Enchanted by Psyche's beauty, Cupid ignored his mother's orders. Instead of causing harm, he took her to his palace and visited her in the veil of darkness, forbidding her to gaze upon him. Psyche, falling prey to her sisters' deceit, lit a lamp to see her lover; a decision that led to her lover's sudden disappearance.

After persevering through many trials and tribulations, her love triumphed and Psyche was blessed with the pleasure of becoming Cupid's beloved wife. Consequently, Psyche was uplifted to the ranks of the gods on Olympus.

Our talented author, Nick, brings this myth to life in this exquisite sculpture, carefully crafted to capture every emotion and nuance of this timeless love story. Every curve, every detail of this artwork speaks to the artist's dedication, making it a masterpiece akin to its original inspiration.