Bronze Code: 505
Height: 5.3 In
Width: 1.2 In
Weight: 0.4 LBs


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On offer is a detailed, high-quality petite statuette of the Goddess of Victory, Niki, set to enliven any tabletop or desktop panorama. Perfectly tailored to those with an appreciation for historical symbolism, the statuette is an ideal, affordable gift for collectors, history enthusiasts, or those seeking a distinct decor item.

Despite its small size, the exquisitely crafted Niki statuette truly stands out due to the immense care and precision put into every single element. Precise attention to detail is evident on every facet, underscoring its superior quality and uniqueness, setting it apart from generic, less-personal options.

As the bearer of victory in the Greek mythology, Niki signifies triumph and prowess. Unlike Fortune, Niki is not arbitrary, instead, she offers victory only to the most deserving. Having this highly-unique statuette prominently displayed could serve as a motivation or inspirational figure.