Bronze Code: 504
Height: 26.4 In
Width: 14.2 In
Weight: 19.4 LBs


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Behold an extraordinary creation by renowned French sculptor E.L. Barrias; a monumental cabinet sculpture standing at a grand height of 67cm. Each inch of this stunning artwork is hand adorned with faux 'gold', lending it an air of majestic grandeur and solemnity that is truly awe-inspiring. This masterpiece, aptly named 'Fame and Success', epitomizes the notion of glory, recognition, and accomplishment.

Delving deeper into the sculpture's meaning reveals a depiction of a triumphant, winged young girl, embodying everything that fame, success, and victory represent. As crafted by the maestro, Barrias compares this figure to the goddess Nika, who, unlike Fortune herself, does not bestow victory upon the fortunate, but instead selects the most worthy of victors. It's a bold statement, a testament to those who aspire to greatness.

Barrias (1841-1905) was a captivatingly talented sculptor, graduating from the Paris School of Fine Arts and learning from masters like Geoffroy, Konye and Cavalier. His artistic journey led him to Italy where he absorbed the essence of antique plastics and marble music, further refining his distinct style and sense of lightness and harmony. In 1897, he was appointed as vice-president of the Academy of Fine Arts. Barria’s creations, including this sculpture, have found prestige and prominence at global auctions, museum exhibits, and private collections.

Ultimately, the 'Fame and Success' sculpture is not just a work of art, it’s a symbol of ambition, hard work, and mostly, victory. This Louis Ernest Barrias original is more than a mere decorative object; it’s a testament to greatness. For art collectors and connoisseurs, this is the pinnacle of historical artistic expression, a perfect amalgamation of skill, tradition and timeless elegance.