Bronze Code: 502
Height: 26.4 In
Width: 14.2 In
Weight: 19.4 LBs


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This large, exquisite cabinet sculpture by renowned French sculptor E.L. Barrias draws the eye with its exceptional detail and inspiring subject matter. Measuring 67cm in height, the piece bears the name 'Fame and Success', embodying an interpretation of Victory. Nika, the winged young goddess of victory, is portrayed in all her triumphant splendor, bringing joy, success, and honor to those she deems worthy.

Standing as a tribute to Barrias's technical mastery and artistic vision, this sculpture is a testament to his acclaimed career. Born in 1841, Louis Ernest Barrias distinguished himself in the art world early on, with numerous laurels to his name including apprenticeships with the eminent masters Geoffroy, Konye and Cavalier and an illustrious education at the Paris School of Fine Arts.

A stint in Italy further evolved Barrias's craft, enabling him to absorb the loveliness and elegance of antique aesthetics. This influence still resonates in his creations, evidenced in the exceptional grace and balance his works invariably portray. His impressive achievements culminated in his appointment as the Vice-president of the Academy of Fine Arts in 1897.

This magnificent cabinet sculpture, draped in the aura of the illustrious sculptor E.L Barrias and the splendid embodiment of the victorious Nika, attracts collectors and art enthusiasts alike. His acclaimed works not just grace prominent museums but also untold private collections and fetch high values at global auctions.