Bronze Code: 497
Height: 15.2 In
Width: 8.3 In
Weight: 6.4 LBs


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Introducing a classic masterpiece by renowned French sculptor Louis Ernest Barrias. The stereoscopic piece, christened 'Victoria (Nika)', reflects the powerful image of the ancient Greek goddess of victory. Rendered in the classical sculptural canon, Nika is depicted as a winged maiden whose dynamic pose exudes a victorious aura that is more than contagious. Her celestial wings portray the lightness of a winner, while her joyful posture embodies success in its most immaculate form.

The artist's concept goes beyond the simple portrayal of a victorious deity, in a rather fascinating way. Barrias, having titled the sculpture 'Fame and Success', aims at resonating an aura of recognition and societal accolades. To give this masterpiece a unique appeal, Barrias adorns it with a hand-painted green patina finish, which also enhances its antiquity.

With an impressive portfolio that spans over several decades, Louis Ernest Barrias, an alumnus of Paris School of Fine Arts, is no stranger to the world of fine art. Having studied under the tutelage of such art maestros as Geoffroy, Konye, and Cavalier, Barrias honed his craft and became popular for his portrait busts. His brief stay in Italy in 1865, where he was immersed in antique sculpting and 'music frozen in marble', had a significant impact on his craft. This influence greatly contributed to the lightness and harmony that his works are globally appreciated for.

In 1897, Barrias' undying dedication to art was duly recognized and he was honoured with the vice-presidency of the Academy of Fine Arts. Today, his grand sculptures are sought-after items at global auctions, adding finesse to grand museums and luxury of private collections. Embrace the 'Fame and Success' that this exceptional sculpture brings into your space and be a part of the legacy of a legendary artist.