Bronze Code: 513
Height: 13.2 In
Width: 4.9 In
Weight: 6.7 LBs


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Unveil the artistic grandeur of your lavish home or office with this exquisite 'Goddess of Abundance' statue by acclaimed artist Cesaro. This magnificent sculpture, inspired by the opulence and prosperity depicted in Greek mythology, embodies the quintessence of abundance and wealth and is set to be the cynosure of all eyes.

The master sculptor, Cesaro, renowned for his artistic prowess and attention to detail, has meticulously carved this spectacular piece of art. He has portrayed the Greek goddess in traditional robes, holding the 'Cornucopia' - an iconic symbol of bounty and abundance hailing from ancient Greeks. Portraying prosperity and good fortune, this symbol accentuates the design and piques visual interest.

Adding to the visual appeal of the 33.5cm table-size sculpture is the intriguing dark brown patina which is distinctive of Cesaro's work. Unlike the cornucopia's depiction with Fortune where it is curved and brimmed with flowers and fruits, in this goddess of abundance sculpture, it is illustrated downward, spewing unlimited benefits for all - a signature representation by the master artist Cesaro.

This Cesaro masterpiece augments any given space with affluence and a robust aesthetic appeal. The unique depiction of the cornucopia creates an engaging visual narrative, making it a must-have for art connoisseurs and antique collectors. Enhance your personal or workspace with the sumptuous display of abundance and good fortune with Cesaro's 'Goddess of Abundance' sculpture.