Bronze Code: 512
Height: 13.2 In
Width: 4.9 In
Weight: 6.6 LBs


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Welcome to the world of refined artistry embodied in the form of stunning sculpture - the “Goddess of Art”. This esteemed work of art is a part of the revered author's series from the famed artist, Cesaro. No ordinary sculpture, the Goddess of Art measures a table-top size of 33.5cm in height, a versatile dimension that renders it suitable for various decorative settings.

This Cesaro sculpture radiates an appealing charm through an intriguing dark brown patina. The unique hue not only serves to enhance its aesthetic allure but also brings forth an evocative ancient ambiance, transporting you back to the glory of the Greek era.

Cesaro’s Goddess of Art is sleekly attired in ancient Greek robes. The choice of wardrobe not only pays homage to historical Greek sculptures but also accentuates the pristine craftsmanship synonymous with Cesaro’s artwork. Attentively crafted, the distinguished detailing evokes a strong sense of Greek artistry.

The essence of the sculpture is accentuated by the inclusion of the famed symbol of poetry - the lyre. Historically, the ancient Greeks portrayed the lyre as an instrument of Apollo and the Muses, capable of stirring peace and satisfaction, even amongst the fiercest of gods. Verses were frequently accompanied by the lyre, thus giving birth to a genre of ancient poetry known as lyrical. The symbolic representation emphasizes the rich cultural heritage and adds depth to the overall aesthetics of the sculpture.

This evocative sculpture by Cesaro is an extraordinary piece that effortlessly integrates artistic elegance and history, making it a perfect addition for discerning collectors and lovers of fine art. The Goddess of Art is more than a mere sculpture; it is a testament to Cesaro’s exceptional artistry, a piece designed to exude elegance and spark conversations.