Bronze Code: 514
Height: 13.4 In
Width: 4.9 In
Weight: 6.8 LBs


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Step into an enchanting world of Ancient Greek culture with the table-size sculpture titled 'Goddess of Wine and Fun' designed by the renowned Cesaro. Displaying an intriguing dark brown patina with intricate details, this captivating sculpture is a beautiful depiction of Greek divinity and time-honored traditions. Its petite 34cm height makes it perfectly suitable for display on tables and mantels, offering a unique and enchanting decorative piece for any setting.

Presented by Cesaro, a celebrated name in the world of sculpture, the 'Goddess of Wine and Fun' represents a cherished aspect of Greek mythology. The goddess is splendidly draped in traditional Greek robes, holding the emblematic 'Jug of Wine', a symbol of fun and celebration. This thoughtfully crafted piece brings to life the spirit of joviality and merriment, associated with the Greek god of winemaking, Dionysus. Wine, a valuable component of Greek culture, imbues this figurine with a cultural and historical richness, reminding of the times when patrons of joy were the most-revered deities.

Every angle of this Cesaro sculpture reveals his signature style and commitment to finely honed craftsmanship. Standing as an exhilarating testament to his skill and creativity, the 'Goddess of Wine and Fun' embodies a distinctive portrayal of the leisure facet of Greek life. Be it as a centerpiece of your art collections, or a gift for a fellow history and art enthusiast, the Cesaro's Goddess exudes a timeless appeal and a touch of celebration.