Bronze Code: 538
Height: 13.4 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 7.9 LBs


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Presenting a revered masterpiece from the esteemed French sculptor, Louis Ernest Barrias. Crafted with an artistic mastery that reflects the lightness and harmony characteristic of Barrias's work, this sculpture perfectly embodies Demeter, the ancient goddess of fertility and agriculture. With every meticulous detail, you're reminded of Demeter's divine significance in Greek mythology.

A symbol of strength and abundance, Demeter was sought out by farmers and peasants alike to bless their lands with bountiful harvests and fortitude. As the teachings of Greek mythology unfold, Demeter's knowledge extended to mankind's nascent agricultural practices, following her sacred marriage to Iasion, the Cretan god of agriculture. Unlocking the secrets of plowing and sowing, Demeter and Iasion bore Plutos, the god of immense wealth and prosperity.

Transcending history, this sculpture echoes the periods in which Barrias apprenticed with renowned masters such as Geoffroy, Konye, and Cavalier in the Paris School of Fine Arts. Each detail, even the smallest, has been perfected with Barrias’s refined touch, a testament to his period of study and work in Italy, surrounded by timeless music frozen in marble and antique plastic arts.

Adding to his list of achievements, Louis Ernest Barrias was also recognized as the vice-president of the Academy of Fine Arts in 1897. His legacy continues to reverberate through the corridors of art history, reflected in the continued demand for his works in world auctions, major museum exhibits, and private collections, standing as emblems of his enduring legacy in the realm of fine arts.