Bronze Code: 555
Height: 13.4 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 7.9 LBs


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Revel in the breathtaking magnificence of our 'Golden Rye' Demeter Statuette, a timeless creation from the famous French Sculptor, Louis Ernest Barrias. This resplendent work of art symbolizes Demeter, the adored Goddess of fertility and agriculture in Greek mythology, who was recognized as the purveyor of prosperity for farmers. The statuette is lovingly hand-coated with a radiant gold finish, effortlessly capturing the essence of 'Golden Rye', a symbol of fertility and abundance.

Louis Ernest Barrias, born in 1841, was a renowned sculptor who graduated from the prestigious Paris School of Fine Arts. Gifted with an eye for detail, Barrias honed his skills under the tutelage of masters such as Geoffroy, Konye, and Cavalier. The year 1865 marked a defining period in his artistic journey. It was during his sojourn to Italy that Barrias derived inspiration from antique plastics and marble music, elements which lent a unique lightness and harmony to his works.

Barrias' art, brimming with unmatched elegance and vitality, resonates with art connoisseurs the world over. This particular statuette of Demeter is no exception. Its golden hue and the impression of ripe golden rye reflect Demeter's divine power to bring abundance and success across farmlands. Embodying the graceful interplay between mythology and perception, this piece is a treasure for those seeking a touch of historical and artistic richness.

Today, Louis Ernest Barrias' creations are celebrated in distinguished art auctions, world-class museums, and esteemed private collections. Owning this Demeter statuette not only means owning an artistic masterpiece but also a fragment of remarkable French history.