Bronze Code: 529
Height: 18.5 In
Width: 7.5 In
Weight: 20.3 LBs


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Discover a treasured representation of French sculptural mastery, the 'Diana of Burgundy' statue, meticulously crafted by Antoine Coysevox, one of the most renowned artisans, specializing in park sculpture and reliefs in Paris' royal residences including Versailles and Marly. Born out of Count d'Antin's commission, this exceptional piece is more than a statue - it's a unique fusion of 17th century courtly life and mythical figures.

Studying at the esteemed Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, Coysevox began his illustrious career by labouring under the guidance of Lerambert. Soon, his formidable talent earned him the title of court sculptor for Louis XIV, widely noted for his thoughtful designs and intricate craftsmanship.

'Diana of Burgundy' is a striking depiction of Maria Adelaide of Savoy, Princess of Burgundy in the guise of the Roman goddess, Diana. Not only is it impressively substantial in its dimensions standing almost half a meter high and weighing in at 9.2 kg, this piece also reflects Antoine Coysevox’s unique approach that combines naturally observed portraits with the grandeur of antique sculpture.

Carved in 1710, the Diana of Burgundy conveys a distinct boldness, heightened by the weighty craftsmanship, suggesting a deep connection between the whimsical mythological universe and the royal court's real persona. The statue teases out the ties between earthly royalty and divine figures, cleverly working antique principles into the project.

A fabulous work of timeless beauty, Diana of Burgundy is not just a mere statue, it is an emblem of French artistry, reflecting a compelling connection between the royal court and the divine, making it a prized artifact for true art connoisseurs.