Bronze Code: 525
Height: 19.7 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 11 LBs


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Experience the majestic allure of the exceptionally crafted sculpture by acclaimed author Milo. Standing impressively at 50cm, this stunning exhibit stuns with its superb beauty and master craftsmanship. Capturing the sublime essence of the ever-youthful goddess of hunting, Diana, this significant piece of art resonates with Milo's distinct artistic touch and profound understanding of divine aesthetics.

Diana is depicted as an Amazon, reflecting her strength, agility and formidable character. The figure embraces an exquisite balance of body proportions, from the effortlessly sophisticated posture to the delicate and graceful features. This nuanced representation of the divine huntress places this sculpture at the pinnacle of collectable artwork, culminating in an investment piece for discerning collectors.

Milo's expertly interpreted Diana flourishes with unique detail. She is armed with a bow and arrow while being adorned by her trusted nymph comrades - a representation of her time spent in the wild forests and mountains. As patrons of nature and hunting, Diana and her nymphs showcase their love for the chase, ingrained in Milo's masterly artistic representation.

Mirroring a multitude of dimensions, this artwork illustrates Diana not just as a tender and gracious goddess, but also as a strong and assertive spirit. She's known to inspire happiness in conjugal life and provide assistance in childbirth, enhancing the resonance of nature's life force. Brushed with finesse by Milo's skilled hands, this figurine depicts the resilience and vibrancy of life intertwined with mythical divinity.