Bronze Code: 492
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 3.1 In
Weight: 1.7 LBs


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Crafted with exquisite detail by the acclaimed French sculptor Jean Patot, a maestro of fine plastics in the early 20th century, the small statuette of Fortune stands as a testament to his artistry. This remarkable piece captures the true beauty of the female form, bearing witness to Patot's keen eye for anatomy and his expert ability in executing the intricacies of sculpture.

Every aspect of this stunning statuette exudes perfection - from the defined fingers and toes to the distinctive facial features, every detail speaks of the painstaking effort and admirable skill invested by the maestro. It's an ideal piece for collectors and enthusiasts of 20th century art and sculpture.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, the statuette also carries a deeper symbolic value. In mythology, Fortune was the goddess of luck and prosperity. Having her statue in your home or office space could bring about an atmosphere of positivity and good fortune, making it not just a status symbol, but also a shaper of ambiance.

Indeed, this Jean Patot's statuette of Fortune is not merely a decor. It is a conversation piece, a bearer of charm, a portal to the mastery of classic French art, connecting you to an era of refined aesthetics and skilled craftsmanship. Experience the timeless elegance of Jean Patot's art with this valuable piece. Make it yours today, and attain a slice of history and cultures past.