Bronze Code: 486
Height: 13.8 In
Width: 11 In
Weight: 17 LBs


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An exquisite portrayal of strength and tranquility, a meticulous work of art executed with paramount skill, we present an immaculate large sculpture of St. George the Victorious by the celebrated sculptor Eduard Drouot. This fine piece accurately captures the facial features and the minute details of the clothing of the revered Saint. The uniquely sculpted writhing body of the Serpent, frozen in the tremors of its last dance with death, is brilliantly expressed, making this piece an awe-inspiring spectacle.

The sculpture is exquisitely mounted on pristine red marble, blending together to form a work of art that is as inspiring and elegant as it is timeless. The fine craftsmanship is exemplified by the intricate detailing and richness conveyed through the marble, ensuring this piece remains a testament to Drouot's artistic prowess.

Eduard Drouot (1859 – 1945), the artist behind this masterpiece, was a prominent French sculptor recognized globally for his genre-defining work. St. George the Victorious is an exceptional representation of Drouot's sensational creations, known for their dynamic postures and exceptional detailing.

Having studied under renowned artists E. Thomas and M. Mauroy in Paris, Drouot developed a distinct character in his works over the years, weaving in elements from oriental themes to mythological folklore in his creations. Drouot's illustrious career was decorated with much recognition, including a prestigious Paris Salons award in 1900.

His works have garnered immense global attention, getting featured in world exhibitions and sold at renowned auctions across Paris, New York, and beyond. The magnificent creations of this French sculptor are proudly hosted in multiple museum and private collections, earning a celebrated status in Europe and around the globe.