Bronze Code: 543
Height: 19.7 In
Width: 8.7 In
Weight: 15.2 LBs


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A.J. Clesinger (1814-1883), a venerable French sculptor, carved an irreplaceable niche for himself in the annals of fine art. Born into an artistic family, Clesinger was naturally inclined towards art and sculpture, who received his first lessons from his father, a proficient sculptor of his time. The foundation of his skills was further solidified with advanced artistic education in Italy where he had the opportunity to engage with the works of the ancient classical sculptures as well as Renaissance masters. This exposure enriched his artistic perception and fine-tuned his style that is celebrated even today.

After soaking in the rich artistic traditions of Italy, Clesinger returned to Paris to embark on his individual journey as an artist. Here, he created his most celebrated work - the striking 'Gloria Victis (Glory to the vanquished)', in collaboration with another renowned French sculptor, Jean Antonin Mercier. This exemplary sculptural composition was honored with the prestigious medal of the Paris Salon, demonstrating the widespread recognition and critical acclaim it garnered.

Clesinger and Mercier dedicated 'Gloria Victis' to the soldiers who stoically fell during the Franco-Prussian War in 1870-1871, a historic event marked by the crushing defeat of France. Among these soldiers was the artist Henri Regnault, an intimate companion of Mercier's youth. This detail adds an emotive layer to the artwork, transforming it into a deeply personal tribute from the artists.

Today, Clesinger's works are remembered for their raw emotion, detailed portraits, and vivid narratives that transcend time. As an artist who embodied his era's throbbing heart in his creations, A.J. Clesinger continues to inspire art aficionados around the globe even in the 21st century.