Bronze Code: 537
Height: 24 In
Width: 22 In
Weight: 26 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the enchanting mastery of A.A. Weinman, a widely acclaimed sculptor of American origin, who carries with him a rich legacy of German artistry. Breathe in the emblematic essence of Icarus, the mythical symbol of man's audacious dream to ascend towards the boundless sky, now beautifully crafted as an imposing large cabinet sculpture boostingly standing at a height of 61cm and weighing nearly 12kg. Each meticulous detail captures the essence of strive, struggle, and relentless ambition embodied by Icarus himself.

Adolf Alexander Weinman, born in 1870 in Karlsruhe, Germany, set foot in America at a tender age of 10. Passionate about art and its infinite possibilities, Weinman pursued formal education at the esteemed Cooper Union College, attending enriching evening sessions. As he honed his artistic skills further, he found himself studying at the Art School of the Student League of New York, a prestigious institution renowned for fostering great talent.

In 1904, Weinman gave wings to his dreams and opened his own studio, a place that today symbolizes his undying contribution to American sculpture. His works, imbued with a distinctive blend of German legacy and American idealism, continue to captivate art aficionados worldwide. This intricately designed Icarus sculpture is no exception. Its impeccable detailing and resounding symbolism elegantly capture Weinman's signature style, making it a notable addition to any art collection.