Bust "Alexander I (Chopin Square, quality)"
Immerse yourself in the hallowed halls of Russian history with Felix Chopin's intricately crafted br..
Bust "Alexander II (Chopin square, quality)"
Discover a masterpiece from the History of Russian Art, the 1868 model, designed and crafted by the ..
Bust "Alexander III (Chopin Square, quality) "
This exquisite bronze bust emanates the legacy of Russian emperors, carried forward by the pioneerin..
Bust "Alexander III (quality)"
Experience an extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of Russian history with this remarkable, larg..
Bust "Alexey Mikhailovich (Chopin square)"
This remarkable product reflects the artistry and craftsmanship present in Russia's rich history. Ou..
Bust "Alexey Mikhailovich (Chopin square)"
Discover the perfection of an authentic replica of Chopin's Bust. This exquisite piece of art is a c..
Bust "Alexey Mikhailovich (Chopin Square, small)"
Introducing a more compact and budget-friendly version of the marvelous Chopin's series depicting Ru..
Bust "And how did you work today?"
Sourced from the reputable LHF (Literary and Artistic Foundation), we present our 'Model of the Year..
Bust "Anna Ioannovna (Chopin Square, Maly)"
We take great pleasure in introducing the Chopin Reduced series of Russian Tsars, a unique collectio..
Bust "Bagration (on a stone)"
Celebrate Russian heritage and military history with this carefully crafted bust of Bagration, mount..
Bust "Bismarck (quality)"
Experience a slice of history with a bronze bust of Bismarck, meticulously crafted by the esteemed f..
Bust "Budyonny (antique)"
Embrace the elegance of yesteryears with our exclusive series of antique-stylized busts. As avid ent..
Bust "Chernyakhovsky"
Embrace an exquisite homage to a legendary Soviet commander and army general, Ivan Danilovich Cherny..
Bust "Coalition (quality)"
Delve into the artistic realm of the mid-20th century with the exquisitely crafted "Coalition" by La..
Bust "Dolgoruky Yu."
Welcome to our grand collection of small busts of Russian Tsars and Princes, designed and crafted me..
Bust "Don't talk!"
The LHF-Literary Art Fund of the USSR boasts a collection of art and memorabilia that not only narra..
Bust "Dzerzhinsky (on a stone)"
Discover this one-of-a-kind piece of history, a substantial desktop bust of Dzerzhinsky. Having dime..
Bust "Dzerzhinsky (small)"
Immerse yourself in the rich history of a notable Soviet figure with our exquisite bust of Felix Edm..
Bust "Dzerzhinsky (small, quality)"
Welcome to the exquisite world of artisanal craftsmanship by renowned artist Sokolov. We offer a tim..
Bust "Elizabeth (Chopin Square, Malaya)"
Delve into the golden era of the Russian tsars with Chopin Model 1868, a miniaturized, budget-friend..
Bust "Elizabeth (Chopin square, quality)"
This magnificent piece hails from the factory of F. Chopin, the famed 'bronze magician', located in ..
Bust "Fedor I (Chopin square, quality)"
Immerse yourself in the richness of royal Russian history with a high-quality replica of the 'Fedor ..
Bust "G.G. Yagoda (antique)"
Are you a fan of vintage style decor and historical figures? Then you will undoubtedly appreciate a ..
Bust "Gogol (antique)"
Embrace the timeless allure of vintage artistry with our exclusive collection of antique-styled bust..
Bust "Ivan the Terrible (quality)"
Elevate your decor or personalize your gift-giving with the superbly crafted 18.5cm large bust of Iv..
Bust "Kaganovich (antique)"
Immerse yourself in the aesthetics of the past with our meticulously styled series of vintage busts...
Bust "Kozhedub"
Introducing an incredibly well-crafted, large, weighty, and high-quality bust portraying Ivan Nikito..
Bust "Kutuzov (quality)"
Featuring a representation of an unflinching Russian hero, our Kutuzov's bust serves as an emblem to..
Bust "Lenin (large, antique)"
Celebrate the essence of Russian history and culture with our premium collection of busts, styled in..
Bust "Mikhail Fedorovich (Chopin square)"
Crafted by the renowned Felix Chopin, labeled as the 'bronze magician', this historical significance..
Bust "Mikhail Fedorovich (Chopin square, quality)"
Our product is a unique reproduction of a bust crafted by the renowned artist Felix Chopin in 1868, ..
Bust "Mikhail Fedorovich (Chopin Square, small)"
Introducing a cost-efficient and scaled-down version of the well-known Chopin’s series portraying Ru..
Bust "Napoleon on a cannon (antique)"
Experience the grandeur of historical art with this exquisite, large-sized bronze bust of Napoleon, ..
Bust "Napoleon on a cannon (quality)"
Introducing a spectacular work of art from the hands of the renowned French sculptor, E. Guillemin. ..
Bust "Napoleon on a pedestal (color.)"
Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the 19th century with our meticulously crafted Napoleon Bonapart..
Bust "Napoleon on horseback (color.)"
Experience a piece of iconic French history with this vibrant, large-scale color sculpture, interpre..
Bust "Nevsky A.(small)"
Immerse yourself in the historical essence of the majestic Russian Empire with the meticulously craf..
Bust "Nevsky Alexander (quality)"
We introduce a grand manifestation of Russian nobility and strength; a large and heavy Alexander Nev..
Bust "No alcohol (antique)"
Reminiscent of a bygone era, this strikingly nostalgic LHF figurine reignites memories of Soviet tim..
Bust "No alcohol"
Unearth a momentous piece of history with this intriguing selection from the collection of renowned ..
Bust "Pavel (Chopin square, quality)"
The groundbreaking pioneer in the world of bronze artistry, Felix Chopin, astounds us yet again with..
Bust "Pozharsky"
Immerse yourself in the inspiring, illustrious history of Mother Russia with our meticulously crafte..
Bust "Pushkin (antique)"
For admirers of vintage style who appreciate the link between the past and the present, we present y..
Bust "Pushkin (at work)"
Our product is a remarkable piece of art, crafted by the talented Gorin. The bust, dated from the ye..
Bust "Pushkin (small)"
Celebrate world literature and commemorates the unparalleled influence of a literary maestro with th..
Bust "Rasputin (quality)"
Experience a blend of history and fine craftsmanship with our model of the 1984 Grigory Rasputin bro..
Bust "Rokossovsky (antique)"
In a salute to history buffs and connoisseurs of vintage artistry, we invite you to delve into a rem..
Bust "Rokossovsky (large)"
This impressive bust of Rokossovsky is a masterful creation of respected sculptor N. Baganov. A gran..
Bust "Rokossovsky (medium)"
Experience a piece of history in the comfort of your own home or office with our intricately crafted..
Bust "Stolypin (monument)"
Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing nobility and spirit of Russian history with our miniature copy o..
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