"Tit in the hand"
The figurines from the Viennese Bronze genre depict scenes and characters from everyday life, with a..
Book holders "Peacocks"
Experience the eloquence and charm of our Bronze Book Holders, endowed with the stylish aesthetics o..
Bullfight statuette
Accentuate your interior with our unique, high-quality 'Bullfight' sculpture by the illustrious Fren..
Elephant "wrinkled" (gold)
Unveiling one of our beloved classics - the 'Wrinkled' Elephant, a magnificent representation of our..
Paperweight "Boar on a mat"
Delve into the intricate mastery of renowned Russian artist Nikolai Ivanovich Liberich with the stun..
Pelicans statuette
Immerse yourself in the world of artistic excellence with the remarkable work of the renowned Italia..
Statuette "A pair of horses (large)"
Experience the majesty of artistry with the exquisite works of acclaimed French sculptor Louis-Alber..
Statuette "A rhinoceros is sitting (a protective talisman)"
The unique artwork presented here is the masterful creation of artist Milo, a brand that bridges bot..
Statuette "Ant"
Discover an exquisite masterpiece from our incredible collection – a 27cm virtuoso piece handcrafted..
Statuette "Antelope"
Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of animal sculpture with our meticulously crafted bronze a..
Statuette "Aries (head on the wall)"
Immerse in the awe-inspiring beauty of this large sculpture, expertly crafted and delivered to you a..
Statuette "Attacking Eagle (70cm)"
Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing, majestic gravity of one of nature's most esteemed creatures wit..
Statuette "Bear (big)"
Introducing our masterfully crafted, largest size 'Bear' sculpture. It is a sublime reflection of as..
Statuette "Bear (big, quality)"
Experience the grandeur of our largest size Bear Sculpture, meticulously crafted for those who value..
Statuette "Bear (medium)"
Introducing our meticulously-crafted 'Bear' sculpture, in the popular medium size. Mirroring the maj..
Statuette "Bear (small)"
Welcome, we proudly present an intricately sculpted representation of a bear in its smallest size. C..
Statuette "Bear with a fish"
Step into the world of art and nature with our Author's Statuette of a Bear Catching a Fish. This co..
Statuette "Bear's head (on the wall)"
Dive into the wilderness of Russia's majestic landscape through the lens of a master sculptor. This ..
Statuette "Beaver "
Presenting an exquisite large sculpture of a beaver that embodies beauty, majesty and attention to d..
Statuette "Big-eared Rabbit (New Year)"
Celebrate the incoming Year of the Rabbit with an exquisite gift - our enchanting Bronze Rabbit Stat..
Statuette "Bird1 (color)"
Welcome to the world of master European sculpture, where the refined beauty of the classical meets t..
Statuette "Boar (vacationer)"
Immerse yourself in the rich artistry of Russian craftsmanship with our heirloom quality, expertly c..
Statuette "Boar's head (on the wall)"
Presenting a medium-sized sculpture that is not just another wall ornament, but a testament of sophi..
Statuette "Bull (F.Botero)"
Immerse yourself in the world of renowned Colombian sculptor, Fernando Botero, with our meticulously..
Statuette "Bull (horns up)"
Discover the artistic creation of a highly skilled Russian sculptor. A beautifully crafted large scu..
Statuette "Bull (Madrid)"
Discover the exceptional craftsmanship and understated elegance of our uniquely small, plastic figur..
Statuette "Bull (Madrid, small)"
Feast your eyes upon the exquisite craftsmanship of this statuette, proudly manufactured in Russia. ..
Statuette "Bull and Bear Fight (252)"
Unleash the power of financial symbolisms with this exemplary work from renowned craftsman, Milo; a ..
Statuette "Bull and bear fight (small)"
Experience the timeless mystique of Old World heritage with these authentic Russian made statuettes...
Statuette "Bull attacking (small)"
Experience a piece of Russian artistry with our beautifully crafted, fully cast statuette. Exuding t..
Statuette "Bull of the stock exchange (20cm, cinnamon)"
Own a piece of iconic history with our detailed, high-quality replica of the renowned Wall Street Bu..
Statuette "Bull of the stock exchange (32cm cinnamon)"
Experience the majesty of Wall Street from the comfort of your own home or office, with our large, b..
Statuette "Bull of the stock exchange (32cm, gold)"
Revel in the artistry of our Bull Exchange sculpture - a tasteful tribute to the iconic Wall Street ..
Statuette "Bull of the stock exchange (42cm, cinnamon)"
Towering over its counterparts as the largest in its collection, our Bull Stock Figurine is an unden..
Statuette "Bull of the stock exchange (42cm, gold)"
Make a grand statement with our majestic Bull Exchange sculpture. With its stunning golden bronze fi..
Statuette "Bull of the stock exchange (cast)"
Behold the quintessence of artistry and symbolism, wrapped meticulously within this stunning statuet..
Statuette "Bull of the stock exchange (small, korich.)"
The Wall Street Bull Exchange figurine is a detailed, beautifully replicated, small-sized model in b..
Statuette "Bull's head (on the wall)"
This resplendent Large Bull Sculpture, meticulously crafted and standing tall at 44cm, embodies maje..
Statuette "Bullfight (large)"
Sculpture aficionados and antique enthusiasts alike will be captivated by this intricately designed,..
Statuette "Bumblebee"
Experience the authentic craftsmanship of Russia with our beautifully designed bronze statuette. Thi..
Statuette "Bust of a horse (large)"
This grand and intricately detailed sculpture is the work of a renowned artist hailing from Europe. ..
Statuette "Bust of a horse"
Delve into the world of art and equine beauty with this exemplary feat of craftsmanship. This artist..
Statuette "Bust of an eagle"
Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of a carefully crafted work of art from 2017, a unique eagle scu..
Statuette "Camel"
Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring grandeur of our uniquely crafted sculpture from Milo, a renown..
Statuette "Cat from the shelf"
Embrace the charming, quirky nature of cat-kind with our captivating 'Cats off the Shelf' figurine. ..
Statuette "Cat on a stone (small)"
Devour the captivating beauty of this exquisite author's work, a beautifully crafted beast captured ..
Statuette "Cat photographer"
Delve into the world of unique sculptural miniature art with our exquisite Viennese bronze figurine,..
Statuette "Cats and a mouse at the same table"
Introducing an exquisite example of Viennese bronze craftsmanship from the renowned Franz Bergman fa..
Statuette "Chicken"
Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of artistic brilliance with the Chicken sculpture masterp..
Statuette "Colored parrots. Family."
Capture the vibrant beauty and charm of the exotic avian world with our Colored Parrots Family Statu..
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