Bronze Code: 488
Height: 11.8 In
Width: 9.1 In
Weight: 11.7 LBs


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Feast your eyes on this masterpiece of a large sculpture by renowned French artist, Eduard Drouot. Proudly presenting the detailed sculpture, Archangel Michael, this piece embodies the exceptional artistic prowess of Drouot. With an enduring legacy dating back to the late 19th Century, Eduard Drouot’s sculptures have been the epitome of elegance and intricacy. Engage in a visual tour of the detailed depiction of not only the Archangel Michael but also the beautifully detailed devil, both exquisitely brought to life by Drouot’s gifted hand.

The famed artist, Edouard Drouot (1859-1945), graced Paris with his remarkable talent, working under the guidance of eminent sculptors like E.Thomas and M.Mauroy. Over the years, Drouot has become synonymous with genre sculpture worldwide, creating an array of sculptural groups that celebrate the intricacies of life, from knights' duels to everyday life scenes.

Crafted with an eye for detailed expression, Drouot’s Archangel Michael sculpture reflects the best of his creations. This exclusive piece is a testament to the artist’s timeless contribution to French and global art history. It showcases his unparalleled skill in capturing facial features vividly and ornamenting apparel with an impressive attention to detail.

Starting his journey in the Paris Salons in 1889, Drouot's work consistently featured in global exhibitions, earning due applause and prestigious accolades, including a diploma with honors in 1900. Drouot's artistry has transcended time and borders and has found its way into the auction houses of New York, Paris, and beyond, housed in esteemed museum and private collections throughout Europe.

This Archangel Michael sculpture by Edward Drouot suffuses the art enthusiast's heart with appreciation for refined art and presentation. With its deep detailing and unparalleled artistry, this sculpture would be a significant addition to any collection, uniting historical significance with timeless beauty.