Sculpture "A dancer adjusts a shoe"
We are excited to offer you a piece of monumental art with a rich history; the 'Dancers in a Long Dr..
Sculpture "A young mother from Boulogne, nursing her child"
Featuring a finely crafted, large cabinet sculpture, this masterpiece art product is a highly detail..
Sculpture "An Arab nomad and a girl"
Immerse yourself into the fascinating world of French sculptor Alfred Dubucand (1828-1894), renowned..
Sculpture "Arab warrior (on foot)"
Delve into the rich world of 19th century French sculpture with this meticulously crafted Arab Warri..
Sculpture "Arab warrior on a camel"
Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the late 19th-century Arab culture with the stunningly deta..
Sculpture "Archery (large)"
Proudly introducing 'Tireuse à l'arc,' an exquisite outdoor sculpture by Pierre Le Faguays, a renown..
Sculpture "Beethoven"
When you contemplate the incredible artistry of the Beethoven sculpture by Andre F. Teupheme, you ar..
Sculpture "Birdhouse"
Experience a unique blend of realism and grace, presented in an exquisite large sculpture (40cm in h..
Sculpture "Bounty Hunter"
Frederick Remington, an iconic American artist, encapsulated the raw, untamed spirit of the Wild Wes..
Sculpture "Boys playing on a mare"
Sculpted with intricate detail, the 'Boys on Mare' is a stunning bronze decorative piece that pays r..
Sculpture "Competition"
Ancient mysticism and modern artistry breathe life into this impressively crafted Large Shaolin Monk..
Sculpture "Dance with a tambourine (large)"
Experience the timeless allure of fine artistry with our Large Cabinet Sculpture, an intricate rende..
Sculpture "Dancer in a hat (large)"
Immerse yourself in the class and elegance of the Art Deco era with a stunning sculpture by the emin..
Sculpture "Dancer in a hat (large, green)"
Be the proud owner of a magnificent work of art that celebrates the timeless beauty and elegance of ..
Sculpture "Dancer in a hat (large, in color)"
Discover the breathtaking magic of Art Deco embodied in Demetre H. Chiparus’s famed series of dancer..
Sculpture "Dancer in negligee (large)"
Crafted by the acclaimed artist, Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss, this exquisite sculpture is an awe..
Sculpture "Dancers with plates (Russian Ballet)"
Indulge in the splendor and exquisite cultural mastery of the renowned Russian ballet with our disti..
Sculpture "Dancing with a tambourine"
Marvel at the exquisite work of European sculptor, S. Decmeure, with this meticulously crafted art p..
Sculpture "Diaghilev Ballet (color.)"
Introducing a magnificent sculpture by the renowned Art Deco master, D.H.Chiparus. This large and im..
Sculpture "Diaghilev Ballet"
We are elated to present an ornate masterpiece composition paying homage to the celebrated performan..
Sculpture "Emmanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy"
Immerse yourself into the age of grandeur and valour with this meticulously designed large-scale scu..
Sculpture "Fairy with lyre and cupid"
Indulge in the beauty of true craftsmanship with a stunning, tabletop figurine from renowned French ..
Sculpture "Femmes Fatales"
Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of art with a masterpiece by the renowned French sculptor,..
Sculpture "Fourteen-year-old dancer (large)"
Presenting a stunning exhibition of craftsmanship, this bronze replica of the renowned 'Little Fourt..
Sculpture "Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus (green)"
Experience the grandeur and magnificence of Rome with our large outdoor sculpture, an exquisite repl..
Sculpture "George the Victorious (Sam George)"
We proudly present a stunning replica of the illustrious sculpture of St. George the Victorious, one..
Sculpture "Girl in a bikini"
We introduce a breathtaking work of art from the renowned creator, Jules Touane. This piece stands a..
Sculpture "Girl with a jug (big green L.)"
Dive into the world of classical French art with fascinating replica sculptures crafted based on the..
Sculpture "Girl with a jug (big green P.)"
Discover the enchanting beauty of the replicas of the Grand Opera sculptures, designed by none other..
Sculpture "Goddess of Abundance and Fertility (large)"
Created by the distinguished sculptor Cesaro, the 'Goddess of Abundance' is a testament to the marri..
Sculpture "Goddess of Art (large)"
Experience the mesmerizing beauty and powerful aura of the 'Goddess of Art', a masterpiece from reno..
Sculpture "Grace with cupids (EPA-127)"
Step into a world of awe-inspiring elegance and sophistication with our stunningly intricate antique..
Sculpture "Gunners"
Experience history brought to life through the handcrafted masterpieces of French sculptor, Georges ..
Sculpture "Gymnast with a hoop (large)"
The stunning, European-crafted, high-quality sculpture pays tribute to the beauty and grace of a gym..
Sculpture "Horse Polo"
The marvellous work of European sculptor Milo, renowned for his attention to detail and emotive stor..
Sculpture "Horse Tamer (right)"
Make your house, office, or gallery resemble the fascinating city landscapes of Paris, St. Petersbur..
Sculpture "Hounds"
Dive into the compelling world of Art Deco with a masterpiece from Alexandre Kelety (1880-1940), a r..
Sculpture "Hunter with a dog (art.YL-101)"
Art and history enthusiasts, immerse yourself in the world of a remarkable French animal sculptor, P..
Sculpture "Hunter with hounds (large, color.)"
This strikingly emotive, large-scale sculpture (72cm; over 35kg) was masterfully crafted by the comb..
Sculpture "Hunter with hounds"
Delve into the heart of French artistry with this magnificent sculpture by two renowned French artis..
Sculpture "Indian Warrior"
Respected American artist, Frederick Remington (1861 — 1909), a master painter, illustrator, and scu..
Sculpture "Indian with a spear"
The exceptional craftsmanship of Robert Tate Mackenzie, a pioneer in emotive and dramatic Canadian s..
Sculpture "Japanese Samurai"
Experience the elegance and artistry of a meticulously crafted masterpiece, a large, high-quality br..
Sculpture "Lady with a dog"
Introducing an exquisite masterpiece of European craftsmanship, an original work by the eminent arti..
Sculpture "Lady with a glass"
Admire the timeless beauty and elegance radiated by the unique figurine, an exceptional piece from t..
Sculpture "Lion Hunt"
Admire the incredible work of Antoine-Louis Barye, an eminent French animal sculptor and painter wit..
Sculpture "Louis XIV"
Francois Girardon, a remarkable French sculptor born in 1628, hailed from a family deeply rooted in ..
Sculpture "Melody"
Immerse yourself in the grandeur of high-quality European sculpture with this exquisite masterpiece,..
Sculpture "Mother's Kiss"
Delighting art and sculpture enthusiasts alike, this exquisite, thoughtfully crafted floor sculpture..
Sculpture "Music Lesson"
Delve into the captivating world of Louis-Auguste Moreau, a renowned French sculptor, with this exqu..
Sculpture "Nude fashion show (EPA-633 green)"
Uncover the world of immortalised beauty with Cesaro's author series featuring stunning sculptures o..
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