Bronze Code: 545
Height: 19.7 In
Width: 10.6 In
Weight: 21.6 LBs


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Nick, a prominent artist, invites you to behold and marvel at his astounding attention to detail through a visually striking and impressively large, author-created sculpture. Measuring at 50cm and weighing a hefty 10kg, this piece is none other than a stunning portrayal of Apollo, an immortal deity of Ancient Greece. Recognized and revered widely as the individual epitome of beauty, talent, intelligence, and charm, Apollo's brilliant appeal is represented expertly in the sculptural magic produced by Nick.

Adorn your space with a piece that threads together world culture, myth, and artwork through its intriguing blend of Greek influence and contemporary artistic style. This masterpiece's weight is suggestive of the impact of Apollo in ancient times, a god who inspired the construction of countless majestic temples and the creation of everlasting art pieces. Within the golden-hued sculpture of Nick, Apollo is brought back to life.

Through this unique representation of Apollo, the sun-like, golden-haired deity of youth, Nick's sculpture accentuates and captures a unique blend of elegance, youthfulness, intelligence, and talent. If you harbor an appreciation for sculptures, mythology, or are simply a fan of exquisite artistry, this authentically unique artwork commissioned by Nick is not to be missed.