Armida Candle Holder
Experience a world of antique elegance and impressive artistry with our large (54cm, 5.5kg) bronze c..
Candle holder "African with a shell 2"
Experience the craftsmanship and unrivalled artistic vision of the renowned author, Milo, brought to..
Candle holder "Biblical stories"
Discover a timeless masterpiece meticulously designed by skilled European sculptors. Introducing a u..
Candle holder "Boy and Girl"
Introducing the remarkable work of Milo, the creator of these stunning paired candlesticks which dep..
Candle holder "Chamber"
Step into another era with our elegant, vintage interior candle holder. Crafted with meticulous atte..
Candle holder "Girl with hem"
Introducing our stunningly detailed Candle Holder Sculpture, a unique piece of art designed for thos..
Candle holder "Girl with lilies"
Experience elegance and divine artistry with this impeccably designed sculpture by esteemed European..
Candle holder "Grace (right)"
Ignite your home decor with an exquisite vintage-inspired candlestick straight from the talented han..
Candle holder "Grace(left)"
Embark on a journey through time with our Large (60cm) Vintage Candlesticks presented by renowned Eu..
Candle holder "Lily 1"
Immerse yourself in the radiant world of 'Lily' – a(unique line of high-quality candlesticks meticul..
Candle holder "Lily 2"
We are thrilled to introduce the elegant, high-quality work by a renowned European sculptor that per..
Candle holder "Lily 3"
Introducing a captivating series of candlesticks by a renowned European sculptor, exclusively availa..
Candle holder "Lily 4"
Feast your eyes upon the magnificence of our candlestick collection, known as the Lily series, an ar..
Candle holder "Soldier of the 1st World War"
Experience a piece of history with this meticulously handcrafted candlestick featuring a wounded, em..
Candle holder "The little Black man is sitting candle holder"
Behold the exquisite craftsmanship of our small, high-quality candlesticks, each one meticulously sc..
Candlesticks "Antique graces"
Steeped in nostalgia and echoing the grandeur of the past century, these extraordinarily large, retr..
Candlesticks "Dolls (pair)"
Delve into the world of European art craftsmanship with our captivating collection of unique candles..
Candlesticks "Kids with ears"
Milo, a notable institution known for producing many skilled European sculptors, now presents a deli..
The "Circus Girl" candle holder
This unique, large interior candle holder stands at an impressive 64cm tall and is steeped in cultur..
The "Little Black Man stands" candle holder (left)
Feast your eyes on this delightful, small yet absolutely high-quality candlestick masterfully crafte..
The "Triple" candlestick
Transform your living space with the charm of eras past using this stunning vintage candle holder. O..
The African Candle holder
Experience the charm and elegance of our small, beautiful candle holder, artistically handcrafted to..
The African with a Shell candle holder
Behold the craftsmanship of author Milo with this medium-sized candlestick, a precious piece built f..
The candle holder "The Little Black man stands (right)"
Presenting a parade of stunning candlesticks, this collection is the work of a celebrated European s..
Vestal Candle holder (pair)
Transport yourself back in time with our meticulous recreation of large, 72cm, Vesta-inspired interi..
Wall candle holder "Nude"
Sophisticate your space with our grandly-scaled, wall-mounted vintage candle holder. Crafted from a ..
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