Bronze Code: 524
Height: 13 In
Width: 16.9 In
Weight: 19.6 LBs


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Unearth the brilliance of the 20th century with the unveiling of a unique masterpiece - a sculpture that gracefully captures Athena, the esteemed Goddess of war and wisdom, as a valiant horseman wielding a spear. This exquisite piece is conceived and meticulously carved by the acclaimed Dutch-Italian sculptor, Niccolò Peroli, known popularly by his pseudonym, Nick.

Athena, the divine harbinger of wisdom and strategy in warfare, is characterized uniquely in this work. Unlike her counterpart Ares, who revels amidst the bloodshed and chaos of battlefields, Athena is portrayed with a horseman's dexterity, highlighting her tactical acumen and preference for peaceful resolutions. This sculpture not only exemplifies Athena's prowess in combat but also subtly underscores her wisdom and strategic outlook, reflecting her essence while she is at peace, devoid of weapons, deriving them only from Zeus when inevitable situations demand.

With his roots originating from Italy, Nick (1912 – 1990), renowned as one of the most significant Dutch sculptors of the yesteryears, discovered his artistic abilities at a young age. He immersed himself in various crafts, painting, and drawing while honing his skills at the evening School of Applied Arts in Bergamo and the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona. The political turmoil of the fascist regime led him to seek refuge in Amsterdam where he continued to live and work extensively, contributing magnificently to the realm of sculpture under the alias Nick.

This sculptured rendition of Athena is not just a tribute to the Goddess' persona, but it is also a testament to Nick's irresistibly poignant aesthetic and technical dexterity. Gorgeously crafted, this work not only captures the nuances of Athena's character but also, in many ways, uncovers the often overlooked aspects of her persona—a testament indeed of the ingenuity and brilliance of the 20th-century sculptor, Nick.