Bronze Code: 544
Height: 21.7 In
Width: 16.5 In
Weight: 52.9 LBs


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Step into mythical antiquity and appreciate the remarkable mastery of renowned sculptor C.B. Albert with this meticulously crafted cabinet sculpture of the Centaur Nessus abducting Deianira. Exquisitely standing at dimensions of 55x42cm and weighing 24kg, this sculpture, set on a decorative marble stand, echoes the whispers of ancient Greek legends and tales.

Your eyes have the privilege to explore the encapsulation of the tragic yet intriguing tale of centaurs, specifically Nessus. In Greek mythology, Nessus is known as one of the few centaurs who survived the wrath of Hercules, only to later play a devastatingly ironic role in the hero's downfall.

The sculpture depicts Nessus in robust form, with Deianira perched upon his strong back while presumably making a daring escape. It's a remnant of a story that sparks the flames of passion, revenge, and catastrophe, eventually leading to the untimely demise of Hercules. With this sculpture, every glance promises to transport you back into the heart of age-old Greek mythological narratives.

This creation pays homage to the legendary works of C.B. Albert, pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship to recreate the perfect embodiment of mythical constellations and philosophical thoughts over mere stone. It's more than just a piece of art; it's the culmination of historical legends and superb craftsmanship woven together into a compelling narrative that stands the test of time and explores the depth of human emotions and actions.