Bronze Code: 532
Height: 16.5 In
Width: 9.4 In
Weight: 11 LBs


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Discover the enchanting essence of historical elegance with this meticulously crafted color sculpture of Cleopatra, a dazzling masterpiece by renowned artist, Cesaro. Steeped in a unique allure, the sculpture depicts the most iconic queen of Egypt - Cleopatra, the woman whose intelligence, education, and charisma dominate the annals of history.

The Cesaro sculptural rendition of Cleopatra is an awe-inspiring expression of artistic brilliance. At a commanding 42cm in height, and weighing in at 5 kg, this is no ordinary piece. Every aspect of the sculpture shouts grandeur and magnificence. Its strikingly rich color palette generates a charm that is nothing less than hypnotic, truly capturing the raw power and majesty that Cleopatra was known for.

Stand in awe as you take in the intricate details, the nuanced artistry, and the breathtaking design that make this one of Cesaro's most outstanding works. With an artful blend of vibrant color and exceptional attention to detail, Cesaro has encapsulated Cleopatra's essence into a visual spectacle that tells the story of a legendary queen.

The Cesaro Cleopatra sculpture is more than just a home decor item—it's a statement piece. With its striking color and elaborate detail, it will instantly add an air of regal sophistication to any space it inhabits. Whether you're a seasoned art collector or simply a lover of everything ancient Egypt, this sculpture presents a great opportunity to own a piece of artistic excellence that carries an allure as timeless as Cleopatra herself.