"Tit in the hand"
Experience the remarkable artistic craftsmanship with our selection of exquisite Viennese bronze fig..
Business card holder "Naked on the carpet"
Delving deep into the enchanting world of early 20th-century Austrian art, the Franz Bergman Factory..
Namaz statuette
Experience and embrace the world of Viennese decorative bronze to its fullest, with this representat..
Statuette "Alice"
The 'Alice in Wonderland' bell figurine is a masterful piece from the acclaimed 'Viennese' series, ..
Statuette "Alpine Skier (Retro)"
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Viennese bronze art with this exceptional antique figuri..
Statuette "Antique Dealer"
Journey through the captivating splendor of Vienna's early 20th century decorative bronze art with ..
Statuette "Arms Dealer"
In the lush sphere of aesthetic arts and crafts, the concept of Viennese bronze stands as a testamen..
Statuette "Bedouin with a gun"
Step into the captivating world of early 20th century Viennese decorative bronze art, a golden era e..
Statuette "Belly Dance"
Imbued with the spirit of artistic emancipation of the 1920s, this remarkable Viennese bronze figuri..
Statuette "Boxer (Viennese bronze)"
Delve into the captivating world of Viennese bronze with the 'Liter in a jug' piece, a splendid exam..
Statuette "Carpet seller"
Discover the exceptional artistry of Viennese bronze figurines, symbolizing an era defined by ingenu..
Statuette "Cyclist (wreath)"
Crafted with precision and presenting an extraordinary level of detail, the Franz Bergmann figurine ..
Statuette "Dachshund hunter"
Delve into the exquisite world of Viennese Bronze with this unique creation from the Franz Bergmann ..
Statuette "December"
Envelop yourself in the timeless charm of Austrian craftsmanship with our meticulously recreated Vie..
Statuette "Deer (Viennese bronze)"
From the world-famous Franz Bergmann factory comes an elegant piece of artistry and functionality - ..
Statuette "Drinking courtesan"
If you cherish art collectibles, you'll find Nam Greb's artwork particularly intriguing. As an autho..
Statuette "February"
The 'February' figurine is a captivating piece from the celebrated 'Viennese Bells' collection, cher..
Statuette "Girl with a hurdy-gurdy"
Celebrate the captivating artistic genius Louis-Auguste Moreau (1855-1919), lauded French sculptor a..
Statuette "Golfer (Viennese bronze)"
Immerse yourself in the illustrious world of Viennese bronze with our stunning figurine, created by ..
Statuette "Gretel"
Take a step back in time with this meticulously crafted Viennese Bronze figurine. Made as a reproduc..
Statuette "January"
Immerse yourself in the old-world charm of Viennese bronze art from the early 20th century, painstak..
Statuette "June"
Indulge in European elegance with our exquisite Viennese Bronze, an early 20th century reproduction ..
Statuette "Lady with a surprise 2"
Unearthing the gems of the past, our auction presents a beautiful bronze statuette, a distinctive ex..
Statuette "Lady with a surprise"
A distinctive expression of early 20th century Viennese decorative bronze is reflected in this exqui..
Statuette "March"
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Viennese Bronze with this stunning early 20th-century r..
Statuette "Naked on the skin of a tigra2"
The presented work is a striking example of early 20th century Viennese decorative bronze. Emblemati..
Statuette "November"
Experience a revival of Austria's rich artistic history with this captivating Viennese Bronze reprod..
Statuette "Nude in Buddha"
This stunning work by renowned artist Nam Greb is a prime example of early 20th-century Viennese dec..
Statuette "October"
Delve into a world of unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship with the remarkable 'October' figurine..
Statuette "On the skin of a bear"
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Viennese Bronze, a unique genre of sculpture that offer..
Statuette "On the skin of a tiger"
Nam Greb, an acclaimed figurehead in the resplendent world of Viennese decorative bronze, has master..
Statuette "Pig in Santa's hat"
Experience the mastery of Viennese bronze with a sculptural miniature created by the renowned Franz ..
Statuette "Pig musicians"
Add a touch of charm and artistry to your home or office with the unique Viennese bronze figurines. ..
Statuette "Reading a book"
Presented here is an exquisite example of Viennese decorative bronze work dating to the early 20th c..
Statuette "Rich Arab and concubine"
This breathtaking artwork hails from the bountiful hand of Nam Greb, an innovative artisan of the ea..
Statuette "September"
Delight in the enchanting charm of the "September" figurine from the celebrated series of "Viennese"..
Statuette "Surprise from the sarcophagus"
Introducing our exquisite Viennese Bronze statuette, a prime example of early 20th-century Austrian ..
Statuette "Tennis player (Viennese bronze)"
The tennis player sculpture is an exquisite piece of art, emanating centuries-old history and skille..
Statuette "The Temptress"
Awaken your passion for intricate, handcrafted beauty with our uniquely designed and stunningly deta..
Statuette "Young African Warrior"
The intricate and stunning world of Viennese bronze collectibles came into vogue during the mid-19th..
Statuette of "Sweet Dreams"
This exquisitely crafted piece hails from the renowned foundry established by Franz Bergman, a leadi..
The "Bulldog" statuette
Immerse yourself in the artistic realm of Viennese bronze with the distinctive 'Liter' brand 'in a j..
The "Cinderella" statuette
Immerse yourself in a fascinating moment of history with this exquisite Viennese bronze, an early 20..
The Arapchonok ashtray
The robust and striking ashtray, a prized product hailing from renowned Franz Bergman factory, is th..
The statuette "An Arab smokes..."
Discover the extraordinary artistry of Viennese Bronze as embodied in the timeless creations by the ..
The statuette "Arab trader on the skin of a tiger"
This exquisite piece of artistry is birthed by Franz Bergman factory, known for its commitment to cr..
The statuette "Satyr makes love to a girl"
Presenting a truly remarkable token of Viennese artistry from the celebrated author, Franz Bergman f..
The statuette "Snow White"
The 'Snow White' figurine is a stunning masterpiece hailing from the renowned 'Viennese' series, a c..
The statuette "The Negro and the concubine"
An exquisite example of early 20th-century Viennese decorative bronze craftsmanship, this sizeable s..
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