Bronze Code: 561
Height: 11.8 In
Width: 8.1 In
Weight: 4 LBs


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This opulent 34cm tabletop sculpture is a remarkable representation of Jesus Christ. Wrought from gold by a skilled and devoted sculptor, the statue exudes captivation and admiration. The uniquely personal perception of the Son of God is brought to life in this intricate masterpiece, making it a perfect addition to your collection or a meaningful gift to a believer.

Displaying impeccable craftsmanship, the sculptor has focused on the minutest details while crafting this divine representation. The robes, a crucial aspect of this piece, radiate with a level of finesse and symmetry that beautifully complements the sublime nature of the subject. The clear and regular lines indicate the unwavering consistency and dedication of the artisan.

What sets this element apart is undeniably the choice of material. Jesus has been depicted in gold, underlining the majesty and divinity associated with His persona. This golden sculpture stands out as a manifestation of the artist's deep respect and reverence for the holy figure.

Bringing an air of spirituality and peace to its surroundings, this golden sculpture intended for tabletop display is bound to inspire awe and give your space a serene touch. Enjoy the beautifully rendered reflection of the Son of God as it brings life to your room and captures the eyes and hearts of those who behold it.

A true gem and an interesting find, this extraordinarily rare work of art makes for a worthy and cherished gift for any Christian believer. Its exclusivity embodies a rich portrayal of artistic belief and divine love, making it one of a kind.

As an intricate and compelling piece, this sculpture is a testament to the artist's beliefs and his profound understanding of religious symbolism, his skill evident in every line and curve of the piece.