Bronze Code: 485
Height: 11.4 In
Width: 11 In
Weight: 17.1 LBs


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Gift the symbol of courage, valor, and honor with our laudable St. George the Victorious sculpture. As a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to relate an age-old tale of bravery, this artwork speaks depths of the iconic legend, Saint George. The essence of the legendary patron saint of the military and Moscow is brought alive in our piece, signing off as an excellent and meaningful keepsake for guests or a motivational aspect for military officials.

Every curve and crevice of this large, hefty sculpture, which measures 29cm in height and weighs 7.7 kg, is painstakingly treated to give the most remarkable and realistic representation. Right from the detailed portrayal of the saint's facial features to the intricacies of his garments, each element personifies the grandeur of Saint George brilliantly.

Artistically, the writhing serpent, a significant aspect of the story of St. George, adds a dramatic edge to this magnificent piece. Etched with precision, the serpent's body weaves a tale of the saint's heroism, making this statue a visual testament to St. George's unflinching bravery.

Be it as a powerful gift for the courageous warriors in your life, as a remarkable souvenir from Moscow, or as an inspiring installment at official gatherings, our St. George the Victorious sculpture is designed to make an enduring impact. This artwork doesn't merely replicate a revered figure; it honors him by representing him in the most beautifully crafted manner.