Bronze Code: 489
Height: 7.5 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 5 LBs


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This exquisite Bronze bust, a creation of the celebrated foundry company 'Guss H. Gladenbeck and son', is a testament to the unmatched artistry and craftsmanship that originates from Germany. The bust symbolizes Thor, the god of thunder and storm and embodies a glorious work of art that not only astounds the eye of the beholder but also leaves a lasting impression.

Thor, known for his inexhaustible strength and protective nature, isn't just a character steeped in mythology but a symbol of power, justice, and bravery. A powerful and benevolent being, he is known to safeguard both gods and humans from giants and monsters alike. His immense strength is such that he can single-handedly tackle a bull or confront monstrous threats. Although he may be quick to anger, his honesty, straightforwardness and intolerance for injustice make him a beloved figure in Norse mythology.

The concept of Thor blends seamlessly with the outstanding workmanship evident in this Bronze bust. High-quality bronze has been used in the making of this bust, exhibiting a commitment to creating an artifact of superior quality. Along with this, meticulous attention has been given to intricate details, resulting in a creation that is as detailed as it is captivating.

The model is primarily characterized by its incredible workmanship. Created by the highly revered foundry company 'Guss H. Gladenbeck and son', this Bronze bust of Thor is an exceptional masterpiece, reflective of the company’s rich tradition of quality and precision.