Bronze Code: 484
Height: 20.1 In
Width: 6.7 In
Weight: 6 LBs


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Discover the extraordinary charm of a Hermes Mercury model created by the renowned Italian sculptor, Giovanni da Bologna. A master sculpture of Mercury - the Roman god of trade, intelligence, and eloquence. This sculpture is an incarnation of artistic finesse and historical craftsmanship that not only uplifts your decor but also speaks volumes about your refined taste for art and culture.

As an interpretation of the illustrious god Mercury (Hermes in Greek mythology), this model is a unique embodiment of excellence, representing the god's attributes of trade, intelligence, and eloquence. Cast in exquisite bronze, it features detailed frescoes, showcasing Mercury in his childhood, learning the crafts of writing and fine motor skills, a persona easy to learn and brilliant - as the ancient Greeks chose to describe him.

What sets this model apart is the extraordinary mounting on a luxurious red marble. The richness and the royal hue of the red marble further amplify the extravagant appeal of this rare artifact. A distinctive showcase piece for businessmen, athletes, and anyone successful, this Mercury statue serves as a reminder of the god's prosperity-awarding power and the beats of intelligence and cunning.

An iconic creation by Giovanni da Bologna, also known for his exceptional sculptural decoration of the Neptune fountain in Bologna. He earned the nickname 'Bolognese' and his name became renowned in Florence where he worked from the mid-1560s, becoming a leading sculptor of the era. This Mercury piece reflects his signature style - demonstrating the exquisite beauty, transformative power, and the arresting smoothness of Mercury taking flight. Today, you can admire the author's replicas in globally recognized museums such as Florence's National Bargello Museum and Vienna's Museum of Art History.