Bronze Code: 493
Height: 13 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 7.3 LBs


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Delve into the divine world of ancient myth and exquisite artistry with our featured product: a captivating bronze statuette of Fortune, the revered goddess of wealth and luck in Greek mythology. It's a magnificent representation of Fortune's majesty, who, as the daughter of Zeus and a Nymph, holds the power to bestow affluence and prosperity on the chosen.

The focal point of this stunning artifact is its brilliant craftsmanship, marked by flawless fine bronze detailing. The intricate representation speaks volumes about the mastery of Louis Ernest Barrias, the renowned French sculptor behind this exceptional work.

Barrias, an illustrious alumnus of the Paris School of Fine Arts and an apprentice to astounding masters like Geoffroy, Konye, and Cavalier, is celebrated for his signature harmony and lightness. This graceful aesthetic is evident in the elegant statuette of Fortune. Having lived and worked in Italy, Barrias effectively encapsulated the antique aesthetics of the region, adding a profound charm to his creations.

The renowned artist, by 1897, assumed the outstanding role of vice-president of the Academy of Fine Arts. His works continue to enjoy immense popularity, gracing the spaces of significant world auctions, major museums, and private collections. This offering is another proof of the immortal legacy of this celebrated artist.

Investing in this statue not only means owning an intricate artwork but also cherishing a significant symbol from antiquity. This piece acts as a reminder of Fortune's blind and unpredictable favor – a fundamental belief held by the ancient Romans, vividly portrayed with her depicted blindfold.