Bronze Code: 552
Height: 29.9 In
Width: 9.4 In
Weight: 52.9 LBs


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If you're an avid fan of Ancient Roman history and literature, or an enthusiast in antique aesthetics, look no further. Our large outdoor sculpture (76cm, 24kg) is an homage to Virgil Maron Publius, one of the greatest poets of Ancient Rome. Formidably standing at an impressive height and weight, this statue serves not only as an artifact but as an iconic centerpiece for your space.

Constructed with impeccable attention to detail, this sculpture can transform any environment. Whether it be spacious rooms, offices, or even libraries, its presence brings character and a sense of regality. Inspired by the 19th-century model, the artist managed to capture Virgil's stoic aura perfectly, making it seem as if he is still reciting his famous Bucolics amidst the modern era.

Speaking of Bucolics, or 'Shepherd's Songs,' as they're commonly known, they, along with 'Georgics', also known as the 'Poem about agriculture', marked Virgil's rise to prominence. His divine artistry was truly a benchmark; they were so profound that the literary world recognized them as pure genres in themselves. Yet, the most acclaimed of Virgil's works was undoubtedly the Aeneid - a poem that is widely considered the apex of classical literature. Imagine bringing a touch of this rich history and culture into your own space.

The impact of Virgil's poetic prowess and the recognition he received aren't faint whispers of the past but resonate vibrantly through our meticulously designed Virgil sculpture. Make your spaces speak volumes about your sophisticated tastes and appreciation for classical literature and history with this artwork. Indeed, this sculpture isn't just a product - it's a storytelling piece, an opportunity to rekindle Ancient Rome's glory, and a majestic tribute to Virgil.