Bronze Code: 533
Height: 16.7 In
Width: 12.6 In
Weight: 24.3 LBs


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Embrace the enigmatic aura of French Artistry embodied in the works of renowned French sculptor, Emile Louis Picault's (1833-1915), iconic bronze horse. Recognized by tens of millions for its appearances in the movies 'Diamond Hand', 'Office Romance', 'Shirley-Myrli' and 'Secret Mission', the bronze Perseus and Pegasus is an inseparable part of film history and popular culture.

With its first brush with cinema dating back to the 1950’s in Mikhail Romm's film 'Secret Mission', the bronze figurine instantaneously engraved itself in the viewer's memory. This artistic masterpiece later appeared in landmark cinema projects that continue to define and inspire the art of storytelling.

Emile Louis Picault, as an artist of extraordinary depth and skill, reigned during the period of 1863 to 1909. Picault's work predominantly revolved around portraying allegorical, ancient, and militant themes steeped in patriotic orientation. His innovative approach and distinctive style led him to be a multi-time recipient of both gold and silver medals.

Over time, Picault's creations began to gain traction with the public, making their way into the elite circles of the French aristocratic nobility and bourgeoisie. These artistic marvels were appreciated as benchmarks of insightful artwork and ultimately found their way into distinguished museums in Paris, Dijon, and Marseille. They were often brought to grace the sophisticated elegance of living rooms and offices, bearing testimony to the charm and sophistication of the French lifestyle.

This bronze figurine is more than just a tribute to the magnificent mind of Picault. It stands tall as a memento of a bygone era, as well as a testament to the timelessness of true artistry. With its rich history and artistic merit, the bronze Perseus and Pegasus is a must-have addition to any art collection or a classic film enthusiast’s memorabilia.