Bronze Code: 500
Height: 29.1 In
Width: 15 In
Weight: 43.9 LBs


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We proudly present a majestic masterpiece from the portfolio of a renowned European Sculptor, aptly named 'Author Nick'. This handcrafted entity is a splendid example of age-old tradition melding with contemporary design aspirations, beautifully standing at 74 cm and weighing approximately 20 kg. The proportions of the sculpture itself speak volumes about its commanding presence, making it a perfect fit for larger spaces craving a touch of aesthetic appeal.

The sculpture, delicately hand-covered with an exquisite green patina, emanates an aura of grace, depth, and sophistication. The earthly green patina, hand-applied to the sculpture, enriches its charm, rendering it a resplendent piece of art. It is a testament to the artist's intricate attention to detail and his devotion to perfecting his craft.

The piece alluringly captures the essence of 'Victoria', an imaginative embodiment of victory envisioned as a beautiful maiden by the ancients. The sculptor, through the symbolism of Nika, reinforces the idea that victory is a reward reserved for the deserving few. Unlike Fortune, Nika, much like this stunning sculpture, discerns and elects the very best.

In this modern world characterized by constant struggles and perpetual competition, the sculpture serves as a glaring reminder of the rewards awaiting those brave enough to confront challenges. It stands as an emblem of courage, personal growth, and accomplishment, continually inspiring its onlookers and breathing life into any room it inhabits.