Bronze Code: 498
Height: 15.2 In
Width: 8.3 In
Weight: 6.4 LBs


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Immerse yourself in a symphony of classic art and profound symbolism with this sculpture masterfully etched by acclaimed French sculptor Louis Ernest Barrias. The statue, aptly deemed 'Fame and Success', draws inspiration from the illustrious Greek goddess of victory, Victoria; often referred to as Nika. Artistically portraying Nika as a youthful, winged maiden in full flight, the sculpture serves as an embodiment of triumph and victory - a tangible depiction of the joy and success that heralds each win.

The sculptor's deft touch shines through in the portrayal of Nika as a discerning entity that only grants victory to those truly worthy of it. Through her selective favor, Nika stands apart from arbitrary deities such as Fortune, underlining the value of merit and the undeniable emotional currency of true success. Barrias' own understanding of 'fame' is deeply etched into the core essence of the sculpture, making it the ideal emblem for recognizance and momentous achievement.

Born into the heart of France in 1841, Louis Ernest Barrias carved a distinctive niche for himself in the illustrious world of sculpture. A proud alumnus of the esteemed Paris School of Fine Arts, his unique style was shaped by the insights gained from distinguished masters like Geoffroy, Konye and Cavalier. His public recognition heralded upon him through his contributions to portrait busts lit the path to his professional growth among world-class sculpting circles.

Barrias also used his Italian sojourn in 1865 to imbibe different cultural influences on his art. Historians credit his distinctive signature style - a balance of lightness and harmony - to the experiences and lessons learned during this period. Living, studying, and working amidst antique plaster, he truly understood and embraced the music frozen within marble. It was this remarkable journey which eventually led him to serve as the vice president of the Academy of Fine Arts in 1897. Today, his sculptures continue to be celebrated across global auctions, prominent museums, and discerning private collections.