Bronze Code: 536
Height: 8.3 In
Width: 4.5 In
Weight: 2.4 LBs


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Presenting an awe-inspiring tabletop sculpture of the esteemed god Zeus, resplendently forged from bronze. Zeus, supreme deity of Greek mythology, rules over heaven, thunder, and lightning and is also the revered custodian of the whole world. Towering at a reasonable height of 25 centimeters, the exquisite bronze statue is an undisputed testament to the peerless brilliance of ancient artistry.

The legendary power of Zeus often manifested in his hurling bolts of lightning at his foes. His terrifying and imposing imagery earned him the epithet 'the Thunderer'. But the power of this celestial patriarch was not solely symbolized by his fierce countenance and muscular grandeur. He was a guiding light of truth and justice, rulership principles that are beautifully encapsulated in the sculpture's design.

This remarkable piece is the brainchild of Jean-Baptiste-Auguste Klezanger, a distinguished French sculptor (1814-1883). Following in his father's footsteps, he mastered the craft, perfecting his skills and distinctive style in Italy. There, he drew inspiration from the works of classical ancient sculptures, studying the refined lines and the artful symmetry that characterized the works of the Renaissance masters.

Having soaked in the essence of Italy's rich artistic heritage, Klezanger returned to Paris and embarked on his independent pursuits. His divine representation of Zeus is a fine reflection of his raw talent, the wealth of his experiences, and the vibrant tapestry of his artistic influences.

Infuse a sense of timelessness into your living space, embody power and justice in your ambiance with this striking bronze statue of Zeus, carefully sculpted by the renowned Jean-Baptiste-Auguste Klezanger. Add an element of mythical charm and ancient grandeur to your tabletop decor and allow it to transport you to another era, another realm.