Bronze Code: 499
Height: 17.7 In
Width: 11 In
Weight: 14.1 LBs


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Illuminating unwavering strength and velvety beauty, the marvelous bronze sculpture of Niki, also known as Samothraki, stands testament to its Greek origins. This stunning representation of the goddess of victory, Nika of Samothrace, which dates back to the second century BC, provides a compelling artistic narrative from an era of Greek grandeur.

The portrayal of stunning vivacity and spirited assertiveness with a detailed emphasis on the powerful physique distinguishes this magnificent bronze sculpture. It stands impressively at 45 centimeters in height, nearly 7kg in weight, a commanding presence designed to inspire awe and adoration. The delicate depiction of the goddess, set against a warship's bow, delivers a harmonious blend of subtle elegance and unyielding resilience, encapsulating the essence of victorious triumph.

As you lay your eyes upon the spectacle of Niki, adorned in thin transparent chiton, one can't help but be impressed by the impressive, almost lifelike representation of this formidable goddess. Every feature, etched with stupendous precision and craftsmanship, speaks volumes about the artist's dedication to rendering life from bronze. From a confident stride to a majestic eagle's wings spread out in triumphant glory, it creates an unmistakable aura of pride, courage, and jubilant victory.

The discovery of this extraordinary statue by French consul and amateur archaeologist Charles Champoiseau in 1863, on the island of Samothraki within the precincts of the Kabir sanctuary, was a significant contribution to the world of art and human history. Sent to France in the very year of its discovery, it was a commemorative statue by the inhabitants of Rhodes island, honouring their victory over the Syrian king's fleet.

Today, the majestic Nika of Samothrace graces the renowned halls of the Louvre Museum, commanding an awe-inspiring, victorious presence. This spectacular sculpture, testimonial to human spirited triumphs and artistic brilliance, is an unparalleled addition to any collection that appreciates beauty, resilience, and the victorious human spirit captured in timeless art forms.