Bronze Code: 507
Height: 23.6 In
Width: 12.2 In
Weight: 18.7 LBs


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Experience the elegant embodiment of triumphant success with our statue of Niki, the goddess of victory, designed by renowned French sculptor Jules-Felix Coutan. Noted for his prolific contributions to the sculptural beautification of notable public edifices in Paris, Coutan's works are a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity. This brown-colored, cabinet, floor statue stands at an average height of 60cm and weighs 8.5 kg – a brilliant masterpiece for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Crafted in two delightful hues, this rendition of Niki is available in a classic brown, a color that effortlessly blends in with most decors. Measuring 60cm in height and weighing 8.5kg, this statue can be a prominent fixture either in your living room cabinet or office floor. A luxurious blend of art, history, and philosophy, it symbolizes the triumph of the deserving, as Niki rewarded only the brave and worthy according to Greek mythology.

Through this statue, relive the passion and expertise of Jules-Felix Coutan (1848-1939), a decorated stalwart in the world of sculpture. He is best known for his majestuous sculptural group at the New York Central Station – a captivating 15 meter-high display that was considered the largest in the world during its opening in 1914. His creative foresight and pioneering techniques have been immortalized in this figurine of Niki, merging classic artistry with astounding relevance.

Adding this statue to your collection isn't just about owning a piece of art, it's about paying tribute to constancy, courage and reward – the quintessential elements Niki symbolizes. It's also about appreciating the artistic brilliance of Jules-Felix Coutan, whose works continue to inspire and intrigue art enthusiasts to this day.