Bronze Code: 509
Height: 15.7 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 6 LBs


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A seasoned expression of artistic brilliance emanates from Jules-Felix Coutan's table sculpture of the goddess of victory, Niki. Standing at a compact 40cm high, the small yet vibrant figure becomes an inviting addition to various settings and decor themes. The intricate detailing in this 2.7kg marvel is a testament to the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that marks Coutan's distinguished career.

Presented in a classic brown hue, the table sculpture not only adds an aesthetic charm but also carries a profound symbolism. Niki, the Greek goddess of victory, symbolizes strength, determination, and victory. The concept behind this tabletop charm is as appealing as its physical beauty - she blesses only the deserving, making this not just an ornament but also an emblem of personal triumph and resilience.

The origin of this impressive piece of art is the creative soul of Jules-Felix Coutan - a celebrated French sculptor and designer. Born in 1848, Coutan embarked on his artistic journey early, securing his first Prix de Rome award in 1872. His name is synonymous with many renowned sculpture decorations that grace the public buildings of Paris. However, Coutan's magnum opus is the outstanding sculptural composition at the New York Central Station, considered the largest in the world at its inauguration in 1914.

The symbolic and physical values of this Niki sculpture by Jules-Felix Coutan make it a fitting piece for any home, office, or private collection. This beautiful representation of the goddess of victory, backed by the Coutan's reputation, legacy, and skill, further enhances the appeal of this great work of art.