Bronze Code: 496
Height: 39.4 In
Width: 16.5 In
Weight: 61.7 LBs


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Straight from the hands of a celebrated French sculptor, we present an allure of history and craftsmanship in the form of 'Niki', the goddess of Victory; an established creation by Jules-Felix Coutan. An artist of great repute, Jules-Felix Coutan (1848-1939), a pioneer of his times, was the recipient of the esteemed Prix de Rome in 1872. He has orchestrated the artistic ambiance of numerous iconic public edifices throughout Paris. However, his defining moment came with the unparalleled decoration of the New York Central Station, which boasts of the biggest sculptural consortium, a staggering 15 meters in height, at its inception in 1914.

Now, Coutan's 'Niki' takes the center stage - an embodiment of illustrious artistry and innovative design. Essentially created for office and outdoor spaces, this defining sculpture speaks volumes about the elite and the deserving. With a towering stature of a meter, the statue of Niki is an artistic translation of strength and valiance, cast in nearly 30 kg of pure bronze.

What sets this extraordinary creation apart is the captivating layer of green patina that envelops the sculpture, adding to its unique appeal. Much like the legend propagates, this sculpture of Niki is a beacon of inspiration, personifying triumph to those whose resilience keeps them undaunted in the face of challenges, thus drawing a parallel between life and the mythology of Niki – the goddess who rewards only the bravest and the strongest.