Bronze Code: 557
Height: 14.2 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 9.3 LBs


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delve into the masterful creation of this iconic sculpture, molded and crafted by the revered artists of the Milo brand. The sculpture, encapsulating a depiction from one of the poignant episodes in the Bible, holds a profound aura woven with divine sanctity and reverence.

Bearing the hallmark of the famous French artist Gustave Dore’s distinctive engraving style, the image embroidered onto this sculpture showcases Moses descending from Mount Sinai. The tablets bearing the sacred Ten Commandments gripped tightly in his hands, his face emanating an ethereal illumination, while the people below stand struck with fear and awe. The sculpture enshrines this powerful biblical episode with impeccable artistry, making it a quintessential masterpiece worthy of collection.

A product of the School of Fine Art, the sculpture resonates with the intrinsic artistic flair discernible throughout Europe. The school renowned for its assortment of proficient sculptors in Europe is known for breathing life into myriad artistic concepts using various mediums.

Bringing a slice of this magnificence to the forefront are the Milo brand galleries, housing the premium works of these contemporary artists. Customers can explore and buy from their extensive collection, and this comprehend sculpture inspired by Gustave Dore’s biblical engraving is a classic embodiment of the exquisite offerings they have.

The hallmarks of the European artist’s distinctive style are starkly prominent in this modern sculpture, recreating a piece of priceless artistory for your collection. The enchanting tales from the Bible, combined with the aesthetic panache of Europe's finest artists - all cased in this exemplary sculpture from Milo brand, makes it a perfect choice for ardent art enthusiasts and collectors.