Bronze Code: 506
Height: 10.6 In
Width: 5.9 In
Weight: 5.5 LBs


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Observe history from the comfort of your home with the Nika of Samothrace statuette. Rendered with elegant detailing and supreme craftsmanship, this piece embodies the aesthetic grandeur and historical significance of the ancient Greek marble sculpture. In its admirable presentation, the statuette masterfully captures Nika, the Greek goddess of victory, in her magnificent and triumphant form.

Towering majestically on the bow of a warship, this 27cm masterpiece channels the unstoppable strength and relentless will of the revered deity. Encased within the soft ripple of her garment, Nika's figure bears the dalliance of strength and beauty. The statuette’s artful execution of the goddess' translucent chiton allows observers to admire the impressive plasticity of an elastic and strong body, therein symbolizing the invincible prowess of the human spirit.

The Nika is modeled after the original Nika of Samothrace, a distinguished artifact of the second century BC discovered by French consul and archaeologist Charles Champoiseau. The significance of the original piece stems from its creation by the inhabitants of Rhodes to commemorate their victory over the Syrian king. Emulating the same sentiment, the Nika statuette has the potential to infuse any living space with its spirit of victory.

Now securely housed in the Louvre, the replicated statuette brings the opportunity to savor and appreciate the essence of this renowned symbol of victory from the comforts of home. Allow the majestic Nika to radiate her relentless spirit in your space, adding an incomparable touch of historical and artistic beauty to your interior decor.