Bronze Code: 530
Height: 20.5 In
Width: 13.4 In
Weight: 16.8 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite sculptural art with the unique 'Diana,' a monumental piece sculpted by the prolific artist, Milo. This eye-capturing statue stands tall at 52cm, showcasing a blend of profound symbolism and meticulous craftsmanship that makes it an unparalleled décor accent for any interior.

Milo, the artist behind this masterpiece, has successfully encapsulated Diana -- the Roman's Goddess of wild animals and the hunt, in a form that merges antiquity with modernism. The choice of a heavily built physique for Diana mirrors the proportions of mid-20th century Soviet athletes, making it an eloquent statement of power and beauty. The figure is captivatingly naked, boasting rebellious bandage that adorns her head, adding an element of pure aesthetic rebellion to the overall design.

This awe-inspiring piece with its powerful stance and intricate detailing weighs a considerable 7.6 kg., reinforcing its position as not just a piece of artwork but as a substantial centerpiece that commands attention wherever it is placed. Crafted for the discerning art aficionados and interior décor enthusiasts, Milo's 'Diana' promises to be more than just an addition to your space – it's an experience of art in its most tangible form, bound to incite conversations and admiration.

The statue's powerful aesthetic and emotive resonance make it an ideal gift for the art-lover in your life, or as a meaningful addition to your personal art collection. Craft a compelling narrative in your space with a sculpture that transcends the ordinary, with 'Diana' by Milo.