Bronze Code: 528
Height: 14 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 10.2 LBs


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Celebrated French sculptor Antoine Coisevaux, known also as A.Coysevox, created a powerful merging of art and aristocracy in his eminent sculpture "Maria Adelaide of Savoy, Princess of Burgundy in the image of Diana." This stunning piece, commissioned in 1710 by Count d'Antin, is an elegant reflection of the virtuosity possessed by Coysevox who had made a substantial name for himself with his work at the royal residences at Versailles and Marly.

A diligent student of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris, Coysevox began his artistic journey in the studio of Lerambert around 1657. In a few short years, his talent catapulted him to a prestigious position as the court sculptor of Louis XIV by 1660, where he immortalized the images of influential courtiers, crafted lasting tombstones, and produced captivating park sculptures and reliefs.

His depiction of Adelaide of Savoy as Diana is a masterful blend of two crucial principles that aligned with his artistic philosophy. Informed by his keen study of classical antiquity, Coysevox envisioned a statue that beautifully captured both the historical resonance of antique sculpture and the unique character embodied in portraiture. True to his practice, Coysevox worked diligently to present Adelaide from nature, enforcing the authenticity of his subject while seamlessly integrating an age-old art form.

Coysevox's Adelaide of Savoy adds a sophisticated allure to his oeuvre, illuminating the dynamic interaction between art, history, and royal prestige. An exceptional encapsulation of his artistic prowess, A.Coysevox's Maria Adelaide of Savoy continues to be celebrated as a defining symbol of his significant contributions to the sculpting tradition and the imprint he left on the world of French art.