Bronze Code: 548
Height: 15.4 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 10.5 LBs


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Presenting a magnificently crafted statue, this piece pays a resounding tribute to Michelangelo's most celebrated and renowned sculpture, 'David' (1501-1504), Florence. Faithfully resembling Michelangelo's original masterpiece, this splendid replica brings the same degree of passion, power, and artistry right into your surroundings. This exceptional figurine doubles up as a symbol of courage, freedom, and unfaltering will, making it a remarkable addition to any art collection.

Michelangelo, the celebrated Italian sculptor, master of the High Renaissance, put forth two versions of his iconic 'David'; one was adorned with wings, while the other was without. This replica takes inspiration from the latter representation, which showcases David as a beautiful, robust athlete. The attention to detail in this piece is impeccable, with each feature accurately showcasing the artisanship Michelangelo was famous for.

The statue of David depicts the pivotal moment before the legendary fight, encapsulating the palpable tension and inner turmoil. Every line and curve of David's face exudes a mix of titanic strength and an intense resolve, a testament to Michelangelo's mastery over sculpture. The intricate details translate David's civic courage and boundless human potential into an undeniable physical presence. Michelangelo's ultimate vision was to create an unparalleled statue for his beloved city of Florence - a dream exquisitely realized in this piece.

Introducing this replica into your collection not only offers an intimate look at one of art history's most prominent sculptures, but also serves as a tangible representation of Michelangelo's love for his city and undying will to create beauty. Its timeless appeal makes it a captivating centerpiece and a must-have for any art aficionado and lover of Renaissance sculpture. Indeed, owning this miniature model of Michelangelo’s David is akin to having a little piece of Florence right in your abode.