Bronze Code: 531
Height: 16.9 In
Width: 7.9 In
Weight: 7.3 LBs


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Bringing to your attention, an exquisite bronze sculpture depicting the goddess of astronomy, Urania. Immerse yourself in the age-old charm of ancient Greek mythology, as this imposing sculpture, standing a grand 43cm tall, and weighing a solid 3.3 kg, captures your imagination. Colored to display a vivid realism, it exudes a certain allure that is both unique and captivating. This is part of our collection of rare treasures that transport you to Greece, home to the great myths revered by civilizations throughout time.

Unravel the tale behind this mysterious figure. Birthed from the divine union of Zeus, the paramount Greek god, and Mnemosyne, the memory goddess, Urania was the youngest of the nine Muse sisters. Their role was to champion the sciences and arts; each had her dominion. Urania reigned over the study of celestial bodies, an occupation pursued with fervor by Babylonian seers, Greek philosophers, Renaissance luminary, monks, and mystics.

Of this celestial group, Urania was considered the most wise and serious, rivaling only Pallas Athena in her intellect. Her wisdom inspired not only the study of stars but extended to the evolution of astronomy, one of the most ancient arts. As your eyes peruse the intricate detailing on this work of art, be transported to a world where not just Babylonian diviners and Greek thinkers but even Renaissance nobility delved into the ancient lore of the stars.

Watch as this exquisite sculpture of Urania, large in size and mass yet sublime in delivery, brings an edge of enlightenment and classical Greek charm to your personal or professional space. Perfect for fans of astronomy, connoisseur of Greek mythology or those who appreciate the allure of sophisticated home decor, this bold and beautiful bronze sculpture is a true conversation starter.